Complete Orthodontic Treatment at Mateer Orthodontics

We know that picking the right orthodontist is a difficult decision. This is why we take steps to ensure that we’re the best orthodontic service we can possibly be. Dr. Mateer has extensive training on the latest technological advances in the field of orthodontics. Digital x rays and the most advanced equipment allow for a more accurate diagnosis, which ultimately leads to better treatment results in the shortest amount of time.

When it comes time for your child to get braces, we carefully evaluate your child’s needs and discuss with you the treatment. Dr. Mateer will answer all questions personally before any treatment is rendered.

At Mateer Orthodontics we strive to not only provide the best orthodontic treatment but also to build a relationship with our patients that puts them at ease and makes the experience enjoyable. Imagine getting straight teeth while actually enjoying going to the orthodontist. This is our goal with every patient we see.

1. Ask us about our orthodontic care

All of our current patients are screened for orthodontic treatment each time they receive a cleaning. Your child’s progress is monitored and any problems are detected as early as possible. When your child is ready for braces, we can schedule you a free meeting with our orthodontic specialists. His evaluation will let you know what […]

2. Schedule a free orthodontic evaluation with our orthodontists

Our orthodontic evaluation is free both for children and adults. The evaluation will diagnose any dental problems and advise you of the possible treatments available. Once you are aware of the possible treatment necessary, you will be asked if you want to proceed. This will allow us to obtain diagnostic records to continue the process. […]

3. Diagnostic records

We take several diagnostic records to assist with the ongoing orthodontic program. These include x-rays of your child’s teeth, photographs of their current positions and a comprehensive clinical examination. This examination allows us to take detailed measurements of your child’s teeth, mouth and features. These detailed records allow us to create a treatment plan down […]

4. A detailed explanation of your child’s diagnosis and treatment options

We want both you and your child to know and understand the treatments we will offer, what they do and why we do them. To this end, we schedule a meeting to discuss with you and your child the issues with their teeth and the ways we fix them. At this meeting, Dr. Mateer will […]

5. PROPEL “fast tracks” orthodontic treatments

In our continuous effort to provide the very best orthodontic treatment for our patients, we are proud to use PROPEL® in our practice. PROPEL “fast tracks” orthodontic treatments for both braces and clear aligners. This exciting technology allows us to get most patients finished in about half the time. While each patient varies, many patients […]